Dump Grate Stoker

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Dump Grate Stoker

These stokers are usually applied in small and medium sized units. All the products are unanimously designed as per Doosan Power System design. These guidelines were developed for larger boilers. A modification has been made in the guiding principles to make these applicable for graters too. Many of them are recently converted to FBC due to change of coal quality. The product is characterized by its ability to be fixed in a position. The product consists of grate bars. These are mechanically linked and these links has enabled it to be rotated up to 90 degrees for dumping of ash. The products manufactured in our unit are extremely good for coal firing. Our products are admired throughout the country that features Alloy CI grate bars, core nozzle type directional air holes and free moving riders. The entire jamming and skewing effect are thus neutralized.

Dump Grate edit

Dumping Grate Stoker With Fire Bar Assembly


Dumping Grate Stoker With Cylinder Assembly