Latest about Babcock Stoker

//Latest about Babcock Stoker

Latest about Babcock Stoker

These products are made to generate energy in the cleanest possible way. In doing so, these products use steam generators in the most efficient way. The use of gas cleaning technology has also facilitated the use of clean fuels.
To produce steam for production purposes, companies used fuel as the primary base. Continuous research has revealed the fact that some of the coal might even be replaced by tree bark. Bark is a renewable bio fuel source. Use of bark in such process could also generate some benefits. These are:

    • A reduction of carbon footprint in the plant
    • Carbon emission has also been reduced in the combustion process
    • Methane gas production at the landfill site has also been reduced with decomposition of bark

But, in order to avail these benefits, a conversion from the existing coal fired boiler to co-fired biomass and coal boiler is sought. It was observed that the quantum of carbon emission has been reduced by about 20%. However, such conversion requires that the conventional boiler grate to be replaced with a bubbling fluidized sand bed, and new fuel feed system for both coal and bark. The modification in the boiler furnace has made an enhancement in the production of steam in the entire system.

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