Latest About Travelling Grate Stoker

//Latest About Travelling Grate Stoker

Latest About Travelling Grate Stoker

The new style introduced in the Travelling Grate Stoker and Spare Parts is the Flake or squama type chain grate stoker. The product is compact in nature and the owner has to face no hassle in installing. The use of longitudinal slag remover is not seen. While installing, the installation of under guide rail is not even required. Adoption of Civil Engineering principles is not taken. The owner is just needed to construct a concrete platform at site. This device has incorporated all the advantages of big squama type chain fire grate. These facilities include ideal ventilation, easy maintenance and many others. It can even combine the features of light type chain belt fire grate too. This facility helps in saving time labor while installing.
The machine belongs to total quick assembling type fire grate that has single layer arrangement. The customer has to undergo small investment and installation expenses are also low. With qualities like constant and reliable performance, this device has become an ideal for small and middle boiler factories.

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