Latest About Thermex Boiler Stoker

//Latest About Thermex Boiler Stoker

Latest About Thermex Boiler Stoker

The continuous upsurge in the voracious search for technological developments has been able to bring about underfeed stoker. This newly evolved product has been able to utilize combined gasification and combustion. The marvel about the product is that the fuel in the system has been fed from beneath of blazing fuel. Such feeding is continuously replenished with a screw feeder throughout the entire length of the retort. The set of castings mounted on the retort supply the required air for combustion. The volatility of combustion has been supported by the gasification on top layer of the fuel. The flat surface left on furnace or the stationery grates act as the platform for the balanced combustion of carbon.
Such a phenomenon has been facilitated with the use of lately developed UFS technology. An efficient, smart and affordable automated solution for industrial applications is also provided with the usage of the above mentioned technology.

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