Latest About Dump Grate Stoker

//Latest About Dump Grate Stoker

Latest About Dump Grate Stoker

The latest development in this product has been laid with the innovation of a wide range of Water Tube boilers. These devices are used for different applications. Even these newly developed boilers can act to integrate all the parameters for pressure and temperatures. The newly invented products have been able to find extreme authentic utilization in sugar industry. The efficiency has been tasted in both normal range as well as co-generation systems. These boilers belong to high pressure category and constitute membrane design. These automated devices have excellent thermal efficiency and operative capacity that makes the owners free from all sorts of troubles.
This advanced level of Dump Grate has the following features:

  • The fuel is to be spread uniformly over the surface of the grate
  • The air distribution has been uniform
  • The distribution of air may cause rapid and intense combustion
  • The losses due to non burning is nominal
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